One of the most beautiful ways to kill yourself is to wait patiently so to rot yourself to death.. Making social expections Your ambitions

Saying things that pleases others ..

Smile a lot !come on who appreciates ugly and sad faces.
You think to kill yourself to end this pain but you go past that thought, again for the sake of others.. And then! 

You are fighting your very own battles with society,living upto their expectations crossing each milesstone they set for you .. struggling through complicated relationships..

Trying to overcome that one most powerfull feeling to be better than your very past self.
Being persistent and making your very own way through this gutters of social norms.
And when you come so far in your life to turn around to see what have you done for yourself… That’s when you realise that you chose a another beautiful way to kill yourself by 

By rotting in your very own body pleasing others