This is a common Issue Faced by every Android User.

Battery Low

And i Know everyone hates when they see this message.Today Will see How to save battery the Android way.The more Apps you download for battery Saver the more you lose your charging because the apps run in background and consume power.

First you need to do is Root Your phone so that your can get Super-User Rights.Once You have rooted your phone you will get this app in your smart phone.(SuperSu) This app may differ since there are many rooting techniques.

SuperSu App

Once you have Rooted your phone go ahead and install DU Battery Saver丨Power Doctor once you install it this app will take super user rights.You can see the message in supersu app console.

GO ahead open DU Battery Saver App and check which apps use your battery the most.This apps will also include some system apps.
If you have many apps installed specially apps like whats app,Facebook app,messenger,True Caller,hike,this apps run in background all the time and consume lots of battery.
Go to hardware Settings and you can reduce the CPU Frequency,when u want to save lots of power even while using your phone.

Use this app along with Clean Master (Boost & AppLock) this app has app lock inbuilt and app booster .If you have rooted your phone with advanced rights in cleaner master you can uninstall bloatware from your smart phone.inbuilt apps like Facebook,and install apps from play store and customize their behavior

You may have noticed the entire screen shots where taken when the battery was at 11%.and that is lasted for 1.5 more hours with WI-FI on .

You also have profiles in DU Battery Saver丨Power Doctor like sleep mode and other profiles which contribute a lot while Saving battery.

That’s all folks.. Go ahead save more battery.